Finscanner Drive & Vision

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Finscanner is an international marketplace that provides relevant and up-to-date information on financial services, including bank accounts, processing, and gateways, card issuance offerings, crypto exchange, merchant services among others. We put forward the automation of processes and comprehensive overview thereby allowing customers wider participation in the economy, access services, seize opportunities, build resilience, and pursue their dreams.

We drive full financial inclusion

Finscanner is driven to build its ecosystem that will allow effective and convenient interaction between customers and financial institutions, by focusing on data analytics and handling, scoring, technology, advanced filtering mechanism, and future complementary opportunities.

We believe that people who can access and use financial services are better able to support their livelihoods, improve their wellbeing, and better deal with risk. In view of the overly complex and diversified nature of the current data flow, we find our drive towards increased automatic integration both appropriate and timely. The growing demand for a reliable customer experience, financial inclusion, and online services is carrying forces that support our drive to becoming the valued unified financial platform. For this reason, the foundations for our effort are coupled with the improvement of the financial environment, and with the increasingly wide application and acceptance of the global providers, they are becoming more and more deeply rooted.

Our vision — creating financial opportunities for everyone

We strive to bring our customers value by providing easy access to financial services and chipping away the biggest hurdles in the information and communications flows. As Finscanner is projecting itself into the future, the next level is to bring this vision beyond traditional markets and enhance access to a broad range of modern financial services and the development of inclusive programs. We are set to deliver a unique marketplace, containing profiles of more than 1000 providers there globally.

To achieve this, we use and develop scalable technology, continue to build up partnerships, and utilize up-to-date data to understand and fulfill the needs and desires of our customers.

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  • Accuracy & Transparency:
    At Finscanner we value credible details. We provide transparent access to Global Banks, EMI’s, crypto and NFT projects, and more. We take pride in sharing knowledge and expertise with others, helping them to find options for their specific needs.
  • Customer Focus:
    Our customers get peace of mind knowing they are offered prompt, reliable, and courteous service. By leveraging years of experience in the banking, fintech, and crypto industries, we know what is needed to make the customer experience seamless.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology:
    We continue to develop technology to enhance customer experience and drive efficiency in transactions. The first version of the product is only a small part of what we are planning to build during months to come.

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Relevant information allows both, individuals & corporates, to find their financial, crypto, or legal service partner near instantaneously saving time & money.

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Relevant information allows both, individuals & corporates, to find their financial, crypto, or legal service partner near instantaneously saving time & money.

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